1.Bridal / $30-$40

Timelessmakeup look including: Full face using HD products suited for photography and videography,

(optional)False eyelashes (Bridal parties are offered- prices vary)


2.Special Occasion / $40-$50

Desired look for prom, anniversary or a night out including: Full face with highlight & contour, (optional)False



3.SFX/Halloween / $40-$50+ (varies)

Long wearing costume makeup applied to mimic a character or creature including: HD products if

photography/videography is desired, (optional)False lashes & accessories are included.


4.Photoshoot/Production / $30-$45

Makeup applied based on the image desired by director and production designer. Will plan the makeup

designs for all leading and supporting cast included cosmetic, facial and body application.


5.Editorial/Runway / $40+

Makeup which will produce an illustrative story through the vision of the director/production designer:

Full face using HD products suited for photography and videography.


6.One-On-One Makeup Application & Lessons / $30+

In-depth, one-on-one makeup application where the client will learn how to apply makeup to achieve

different looks, update their look& learn which products are best suited for them. (Glam)


7.Natural Glam/Update Your Look / $30

Minimal makeup – suited for an everyday-look. Typically applied during the One-On-One Makeup

Application & Lessons category, as an opportunity to update client’s look and learn what is best suited for

them. (Natural/Day-to-Day)