(Pronounced “Shay”, but it’s SHAE, not Shay)

1.A 21 year old makeup enthusiast.


3.Started experimenting with Stage makeup at a very young age for Dance Recitals.

4.Found her love for makeup when going through recovery from a stroke, which caused left side

paralysis of her body (including the face), Makeup gave her the boost of confidence she needed,

due to the circumstances.

5. Started “Shae’s Makeup” shortly after, in early 2016.

6. Has been taking on clients ever since, as well as starting her Makeup Instagram, Facebook,

Twitter, and Website.

7. Worked on the set of several student films as Key Makeup Artist in December

2018 – April 2018.

8. Worked on the set of her first feature film “Boys vs Girls” as Assistant Makeup Artist, as well as

earning her first imdb credit!